Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Possible interview questions and answers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Possible interview questions and answers - Essay Example My strengths are excellent time management and organized person. Every time I am working on a project, I always make sure to complete the project well ahead of schedule. I developed a unique set of skills that make me suited for this job while in college. Firstly, I learned presentation skills. Secondly, I learned how to develop the ability of questioning and evaluating information. Thirdly, I learned to pay attention to detail elements of any performance. In my final year, we were given an accounting project to solve within a week. The task involved researching on the tax policy in the country and its impact on small businesses. I started working on the project from the first day. The move ensured that I did not have a problem in meeting the deadline. In my spare time, I like cleaning and organizing my house. This activity developed my organization skills. The activity has taught me the importance of organization. As a result, I will always pursue a deliberate and logical course of action in the workplace. As part of my volunteer activities, I participated in a workshop that we organized for inner city students. I was given the responsibility of talking about accounting and the importance of a University education. I started by introducing myself. Then I ensured that I maintained a positive body language. In addition, I listened to the feedback of the students. The talk was successful because I made a deliberate effort to create a conversation based on their interests. As a person, I believe in continuous improvement. Consequently, I would love to continue my studies. In addition, I will use my spare time to attain further accounting credentials. I believe that I can do my job and study at the same time. I will appreciate the opportunity to study ACCA. After completing my degree, I expect that I will be eligible for exceptions. As a result, I expect to take about two years to complete THE ACCA course. I will study at

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