Thursday, August 29, 2019

Discuss the benefits of probability in the career you have chosen and Essay

Discuss the benefits of probability in the career you have chosen and how probability techniques will be beneficial to you - Essay Example lity was introduced to me by my assistant coach who explained how I can use the magic of simple math to predict the actions of my opponent on the basketball court. Before every match in the pre-match preparation the coaching staff is briefed on the tactics that will be, most probably used, by the opponent team. At times the plan may go wrong as there is always a chance that the opponent team has planed something else, but general trends are never ignored. These trends have been found out by our analyst who he revied the score sheets and the footage of previous five years of the league tournaments, reaching to a conclusion about which player plays at which position best and what are the positive and negative points of any team in the league. This analysis of previous years has given me a general trend every team follows, makin it easier for me to form a strategy against any team, negating the fact of just chance in the game, planning according to the situation. Probability has been a revelation for me, allowing me to focus hard on other aspects of training as my analyst will always have the â€Å"to-do† and â€Å"not to do† list for the opponent that we have to play

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