Sunday, August 25, 2019

Team Turmoil Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Team Turmoil Analysis - Essay Example Another challenge was lack of proper team co-ordination, majorly characterized by lack of direction in the manner activities are conducted in the team works for instance procedures of communication. In addition, poor inter-personal skills were a challenge to the effective team work in the group. This was majorly characterized by poor communication skills among the team members seen by instances of interruption of some team members as they expressed their ideas. This could have been attributed by the fact that was no universal team leader who could offer directions regarding how each member expresses his ideas. Alternatives The first alternative that could be applied to solve the issues identified is encouraging each team member to respect the opinions of others. This is imperative owing to the fact that it reduces conflicts that may occur when one is not provided with an opportunity to air his/her ideas. However, this could also create setbacks at some points owing to the fact that group member maybe compelled to accept ideas that are not accurate or invalid. Additionally, team members should communicate their ideas freely; however, this can only be encouraged by a condusive environment. Dereley and Onyielisi did not speak their ideas freely and only kept shrugging at some points; this is not appropriate as it allow other group members to know what others think of their ideas. The major challenge with this alternative is that in some cases, team members may express ideas that are out of the discussion topic.

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