Friday, November 1, 2019

Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) formula 1 PowerPoint Presentation

Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) formula 1 - PowerPoint Presentation Example To begin with, cell Phones have got many different features and purposes that have helped the society in various ways. The primary features of Cell Phones especially Smartphone include Internet application services and money transfer services (Vats Web). Most current account customers can instantly send or receive cash using their smart phones. An individual with a smart phone can accept credit card payments quickly, securely from anywhere. This feature, which is easy to set up, allows a user to key transactions and adds a credit card swiper to take advantage of low rates. Smartphone allows use of master account by linking many accounts to create an enterprise level solution. These features make it easier to do business from any corner of the world. Customers with Smartphone can now scan in their checks deposit from anywhere. The issue of mailing checks or making queues at the ATM is long overdue to Smartphone users using the Mobile PC deposit app. In addition, cell Phones have numerous internet application features that have to a great extent benefited their users. Smartphone uses web browsers of very high quality that can be used to browse internet with ease compared to other standard phones (Vats Web). The Smartphone can be connected to the laptops to access the internet and some Smartphones have expandable memories and powerful processors that help in storing large media data and can be used to connect to stream media from internet media providers. Smartphone, by using app such as Open Garden allows users to share mobile web access by forming a mesh network by connecting it to laptops. Interestingly, a Smartphone user can participate in teleconferencing by using noise cancelling handset to reduce noise and using the Smartphone timer to manage the teleconferencing duration. Moreover, the big memory in the Smartphone and powerful processors allow users to download songs games and videos anytime (Vats Web). Some Cell Phones enable live streaming

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