Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Business Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The Business Plan - Essay Example rder to create their own imagined designs of the cakes and in turn help our bakers to have as many designs as possible; hence our business will stand out among others. We value good customer service and therefore we will make sure that our service is up to date with the ever changing technology. This will keep us to the mark of competition and remain friendly to the customers. The bakery will belong to the partnership of 5 people. There are no bakeries in the area and therefore this will give us a break through. We only have few competitors as threats one of the major competitions is the big supermarkets, Milton, marsh and best choice bakery. Although economy has gone from good to bad it has not affected the bakery industry. â€Å"The consumer price index for food, an indicator of bakery product values, rose 4.7 percent in September 2011 compared to the same month in 2010† (â€Å"Hoovers†). We will focus on the changes in customers’ needs such as preference, pleasure, health, and convenience. Middle class citizens are mainly our targets. But we will also give the lower class people and opportunity to access our products in a well created section in our bakeries. These sections will have breads and cakes from one day old. We are going to have average prices but keep up to date the quality and quantity in our production. Our objective is to be able to attract from 200 customers and above. We expect the customers of all ages and regardless of their sex, religion, color, or race. If our prediction goes right, we will be able to make about $500 in any single day and this will translate into $13000 in a month. Because of the current technology we will be able to contact our customers through internet. That is by the use of all available social sites such as face book, twitter and so on. By having our own website we will be able to display all our products and service to hundreds of potential customers. We also plan on advertising our business to the local dailies,

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