Saturday, October 19, 2019

INTERNET Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

INTERNET - Research Paper Example There are almost 100 countries that use internet for variety of purposes. The main purpose is yet the demand of information. Business on the internet is growing at a much faster pace. EBay and other such internet based corporations used internet to provide a customer an ease to shop online with going anywhere. Similarly some organizations use the internet to hire persons from all over the world. Electronic marketing or such marketing strategy which involve internet for the marketing purposes is widely utilized now a day to promote the products. The concepts of E-learning, E-banking, E-health, E-commerce and E- governance which were a dream of the past now became the reality. Some institutes provide internet based learning, where one can participate in the lecture with going anywhere. Internet based banking provided us an ease to check our account and transfer funds from anywhere in the world. Internet is a term, which is used to refer a global network of computers or other networks. The word is derived from a term ‘internetwork’. The global network of internet involves an infrastructure to support the communication through the internet. Internet service providers (ISPs) are engaged to enjoy the services on the internet (Castells, 2001). The most common services that are provided by the internet are World Wide Web (WWW) and electronic mail (E-mail). Internet holds a lot of information which is pre-stored in main frame computers at different locations. When user requests particular information, the request is sent to the mainframe computer, the mainframe computer then completes the requested information. The whole process involves different networks that support the internet. To support and serve millions and billions of users in the whole world, internet uses the standard internet protocol suite which in computer derived as TCP/IP, where TCP is transmission control protocol and IP is internet protocol. The networking hardware is associated with the internet protocol (Moschovitis, et. al, 1999). Internet protocol is important, as it provides an identification of a user. Internet protocol version 4 (IPv4) and internet protocol version 6 (IPv6) are two internet protocols. The whole communication system works in a well organized manner and updated according to the technology. The wireless technologies in the internet communication system has revolutionized the utilization of internet and provided an ease for the users to use the services. Wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) or wireless local area network (WLAN) is the common type of wireless network that is capable of providing wireless internet. Internet banking is now a common service that almost every international bank is providing (Moschovitis, et. al, 1999). Internet has a major impact on the society and country. Internet has a powerful impact on the social setup of country, as it describes social freedom. It is a powerful medium of communication and the numbers of internet users are increasing day by day (Castells, 1996). The sites like orkut, facebook , MySpace and other similar networking sites are playing an important role in increasing the social network of users. Some countries make internet available to the residents but in a restricted manner (Moschovitis, et. al, 1999). The restriction restricts some of the internet content from viewing. Iran, Saudi Arabia, People’

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