Friday, October 18, 2019

Planet Earth Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Planet Earth - Essay Example This process is called migration and this cycle can be amazing. The largest land migration of any animal happens in the spring in Northern Canada when three million caribou march across the tundra. The spring is also marked by melting sea ice that broadens the deciduous forest and fattens the many water ways that thread their way across the land. The movement of water during the year is another significant cycle taking place daily on our planet. All life is dependant on water and many species spend a most of their time searching for and following water, like elephants and buffalo. The distribution of water also shapes our landscape; where water is prevalent the land is lush and green and where it is sparse the land is dry and barely inhabited. When this is the case we have desert and, sadly, the amount of land that is covered with desert is growing yearly. The desert experiences a lack of rain and rain is the source of all fresh water, which is essential to the survival of all species, plant and animal. The rain fattens our rivers and streams as the melting of the polar ice does.

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