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International Migration Essay -- social issues

International Migration In light of the fact that immigration is an important issue within Canadian society, it is not unusual to find that stories or reports that relate to this topic are always presented in the media. However, this is not only raises questions about what is reported but also about how the information is presented or reported. With this in mind, the purpose of this paper will be to select five articles, which ran from October 23rd, 2004 to November 10th, 2044, that deal with international migration issues in a Canadian context and to provide an analysis and critical evaluation of the articles. This will include an outline of the subject of each article, the newspaper’s treatment of the subject, the implication for public perceptions on the subject as well as a critique of the subject and its treatment. The first article that was selected is entitled â€Å"Gang leaders facing deportation† and it deals with the subjects of ordered to deport the gang leaders of the two rival gang Tamil street gangs and VVT, Sri Lanka, due to their large numbers of memberships in their organization. During the late 1990s, their offences had been encouraged daylight shootouts on highways and residential streets, which made the police, bristle with angers. Police and detectives believe that various crimes are relating to Sittampalam. The significance of the gangs’ crimes is to forbid the increasing of criminal retained, more than 40 men arrested by the police and immigration raid and they needed to wait for appeals on their orders or had their cases dismissed. Lawyer Barbara Jackman stated that there are some significant legal issues about whether Parliament is going to grasp street gangs in organized crime legislation. In Sittampalam’s own defense, he said that he cannot understand why he had been the target of shooting twice in 2001. The gang leaders were having betrayed on the crime organization, also they are not assigned as a citizen; therefore they were ordered to deport from Canada. However, his deportation had to determine on the immigration department official. The important thing is Parliament ordered the decision to the federal immigration court to ruling this case. (Shephard, 2003, p.B2) The result of this study is significant, particularly in light of the image that Canada and the Immigration and Refugee Board have in terms of racialism on imm... ...the issue of professionals coming to Canada and not being able to find work or become licensed is an increasingly important issue, years to years, it would appear that the media does not focus on the question why people would come to Canada without the understanding of existing procedures and processes. Third, at the current time, it is impossible to ignore the fact that international migration issues within a Canadian context have not only been shaped by the â€Å"stories†, the stories reflect our everyday lives. In this respect, international migration issues are often not only important but also often part of a complex dynamic. Bibliography Shephard, Michelle. â€Å"Gang leaders facing deportation,† Toronto Star. Saturday October 23, 2004, p. B2 Keung, Nicholas. â€Å"Immigrants need to get jobs faster, Sgro says,† Toronto Star. Friday October 29, 2004, p. A22 Keung, Nicholas. â€Å"International credentials? Forget the job,† Toronto Star. Thursday, November 4, 2004, p. A4 Ouzounian, Richard. â€Å"Actors superb as misused immigrants,† Toronto Star. Thursday, November 4, 2004, p. A27 Ferenc, Leslie. â€Å"Mother gives back despite hardship,† Toronto Star. Wednesday, November 10, 2004, p.A23

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