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Fashion journalism and Internet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Fashion journalism and Internet - Essay ExampleIt is non clear when this great disparity in the presentation of media began, but it is evident that there has been a great change in the presentation of means journalism by the media (Hall-Duncan 1979 pp.23). Among the contrivances that led to the development of fashion journalism before the introduction of net profit include workout of print media like magazines, televisions that aroused the curiosity of many tidy sum towards journalism. Breward (2003 pp.18) indicates that with the invention of network, the mass had already devised an idea about fashion and its benefits. It is as a result of internet that people who had already invested or rather had an interest in the field of fashion journalism ended up presenting their ideas in a better and easier way. These personalities not only ventured in their localities but in a global context. The advent of the internet, however, seemed unwelcome by many individuals, not aware(predica te) of the fact that it was bound to benefit various aspects of the economy, fashion journalism being one of them. ... Deuze (2007 pp.19) on the other hand indicates that the numbers of people who purchase fashion magazines as a author of information related to culture have resulted into a shift in the use of internet as a source of information. Magazines and articles related to fashion have recorded a tremendous decrease in sales per annum, due to the fact that a majority of the people prefers the use of the internet. Majority of the households in the UK have access to the internet and find it cheaper to use the internet to update themselves on fashion unlike the print media, which majority of the people toady refer to it as stressful paper work. Freedman (2006 pp.61) traces the advent of the internet on the promotion of fashion journalism in the ahead of time twentieth century. Majority of the journalists had an easier time covering stories on fashion with the use of the interne t unlike in the era of darkness (Fuery 2009 pp.56). This essay will go-ahead to highlight and critically analyze the impacts of the advent and use of the internet in fashion journalism according to the prospects of various analysts that have contributed to this topic. The essay will as well as attempt to highlight specific examples of the use of the internet in various circumstances to improve on fashion journalism. 1.1. Body 1.1.1. Access to material The internet has influenced fashion journalism in various ways. Thanks to the internet, many journalists in the field of journalism are in a good position to view as many images as they can form the internet. This is unlike before when the journalists only relied on information that was presented by specific print media. In short, the journalists were not presented with a

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