Sunday, June 9, 2019

Letter for Dean (a sort of petition letter) Essay

Letter for Dean (a sort of petition letter) - Essay ExampleI suck in tried to change my major three times, but the main reason I did not succeed was the GPA that I earned from past universities, although the original time I tried to change my major for spring quarter in 2006, my GPA in the Ohio State University was over 3.4, but my accumulated GPA, including my hit from KyeMyung University was about 2.7.My chosen career is accountancy, and in order to become a well-defined comptroller, I need to achieve a strong business development from Fisher College of Business. I have family members and close relatives who have worked as accountants in Korean Internal Revenue Service and other public accounting firms, and I have watched with interest, all the current accounting issues such as Sarbanes Oxley Acts and M&A for many well known companies. I want to become an accountant because I have a deep passion for the profession, and an innate talent for finding mathematical errors and hidde n mistakes.I am willing to make sacrifices to body forth my ambition to become an accountant, which is being hindered because of my past GPA. My short term goal has been achieving a degree from Fisher College of Business and I intend to later go for a Masters program in Accounting, to complete my education. I feel that an accounting degree from the FCOB will be very useful not barely in the United States but also in Korea. Sir I really wish you would consider my application, and I would be very grateful if my request is granted. Yours

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