Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Life of a knight Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Life of a knight - Essay Example aliveness under the constant stress of managing his estate, engaging in warfare both real and simulated, as well as conducting himself in such a federal agency as to comport with the social expectations and the chivalric code of his day. Considering the everyday life that the knight actually endured, a thorough investigation reveals his existence to be more(prenominal) rigorous, dangerous, and demanding than that described in stories.One of the most easily-recognized aspects of the life of the knight is his castle. The romantic nonion of a shiny building on a hill is not so realistic. The idea of even having a castle was rooted in the need to defend the land it was a necessity for protection from Viking or otherwise foreign raiders as well as rival political factions in the kingdom. Early castles were little more than dirt berms reinforced with timber beams. As well-behaved society developed, the castle evolved into a center of commerce, more com fortable quarters for the knights family and servants as well as a key military defense post. In terms of its protective role, Singman notes that an effective response to the military challenges of the medieval world required the power of a great lord...and the castle had arisen as the classifiable seat of a great feudal lords power (105).The family of the knight alike lived in the castle, and the local village populations looked to it as a source of protection, provision, and justice. In accession to providing military support for the kingdom, the knight was charged with overseeing the provision of the necessities of life and arbitrating the quarrels of the residents within his area. When he wasnt fighting, the knight was ensuring that enough food, fuel, supplies, and entertainment were there for his people. He would also spend time sitting in a large room and settling the disputes of his serfs, much like a modern-day judge. His daily life, in asset to fighting or practicing hi s combat skills, was filled with family and social

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