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International Comparison Program(2005) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

International Comparison Program(2005) - Essay ExampleTherefore genius can think of investment in either India or China. I took India as the country to give way new product because cosmetic, especially 100% herbal and vegetarian Lipstick with variety of shades can be a new product that can be developed in an Indian Market. The increasing urbanisation and a growth in the number of office workers have resulted in a strong nidus on grooming in that country. 65% of the total population of India is below 35 years of sequence but only around 30% of the women use lipsticks in India, so there is a massive scope to flourish in India. The USP (unique selling proposition) of this product is its attribute of being 100% Herbal and Vegetarian as al more or less 40% of the total population in India is vegetarian and till now no other order has launched this type of product in the Indian Market.Cosmetics and toiletries have seen tremendous growth in 2007. Growth was partially due to high level s of inflation but volume sales also saw dynamic growth. revolt income levels resulted in lower-income groups being able to afford more cosmetics and toiletries and also saw many trading up from unpackaged to packaged products. Meanwhile, mid- and high-income consumers in urban aras began to seek out value-added mass brands and premium products.India can be taken as the country to sell the product as Indian females argon considered an epitome of knockout and they are more and more becoming beauty and fashion conscious. The product that can be marketed is a wide range of cosmetics (100%Vegetarian) especially lipsticks and it can be launched in the Indian market by the image Zebra For the beautiful Diva in youIndian Culture-Culture is the manner in which things are performed within a society, community or nation. Culture is not a trait that comes with birth but it is learnt everywhere a span of several years. The major things that can be observed amongst Indian culture are as f ollows-The Terpstra and Sarathy Cultural Framework helps marketing managers to assess the cultural nature of an international market. The Eight categories are Language, Religion, value and Attitudes, Education, Social Organizations, Technology and Material Culture, Law and Politics and Aesthetics.1. Language - There are as many as 22 official languages in India. The national language of the country is Hindi and to the highest degree of the large number in the country are quite advantageously versed with English as well owning to the British rule in the country for around 200 years.2. Religion India is considered to be a consume of unity in diversity. Many religions are practiced in the country including Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islamism, Sikhism, Christianity etc. The cow is considered unutterable in Hinduism. She is the one who should be worshipped for the various graces She bestows on humanity. 40% of the total population is Vegetarian.3. Values and Attitude- Generally pe ople in India have a high regard for their elders. Although traditional roles are changing, especially in urban areas, there are important values shared by most Indian families. Normally, Indians hold family progress, unity and support in high regard throughout their lives. Mostly people live in an extended family, in which every member has their own role, often determined by age and gender. There is typically a head of the family who takes the major decision with respect to the family and his decision is prise by everyone in the family. Elders are supposed to use their experience and wisdom to help guide

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