Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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The StormThe first rays of dawn shone upon my face. The sunlight illuminated the interior of my tiny yacht. Rising, I stood at the deck, watching the now sparkling blue sea. For the first time, I felt dwarfed by the vastness of the sea my yacht was nothing compared to the sea. It was the second twenty-four hour period of my cruise around the world, a silly challenge I had taken up in a moment of folly. Still I was determined to taste myself in my group of friends. Such an odyssey would gain my prestige rivaling that of a pop star. However, I had no idea what was to come later.I scanned the morning skies for any blur that might bring unwanted rain. There was none. Satisfied with my observation, I went into my cabin, and checked the weather instrument. All was fine, except that the surrounding air pressure was dropping quickly. I was not unduly alarmed. Air pressure fluctuated at sea and thus, I never realized what was about to come. Had I realized, I would have probably creaky th e original course and head for shore.Around noon, the winds began to pick up. Hoping to gain a little more speed, I hoisted my sails. All was fine until a few moments later. The slash morose dark, rendering day into night. All around me, there was silence, except for the occasional howl of the wind. The sea and the sky blended as one the intact area turned into night and clouds concealed the sun. The winds steadily grew stronger. Fumbling in the darkness, I searched for my torchlight, accidentally knocking over something.It began to drizzle. Having found my torchlight, I made my delegacy back to the steering wheel in the cabin, only to hear the cables snapping and see my mast collapse. The sea was now turbulent, with waves over three meters. The initial drizzle now turned into a heavy downpour, soaking the whole yacht. In the state of panic, I tried to radio for assistance. To my complete horror, I realized I had knocked the radio move out the table earlier. It now laid broken on the floor, its circuits rendered unusable by the torrential rain. Now left with no option, I had to sit out the ram and pray that I would survive.The rain steadily grew worse. Visibility was reduced so much the darkened skies, illuminating everything in their path.

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